View Full Version : Spock'S Beard/Transatlantic = pop?

09-08-2001, 03:06 AM
Aren't these guys pretty pop? Top 40 songs with really cool instrumental breaks? Just wondering what everyone thinks...

09-08-2001, 03:19 PM
I'd argue that Spock's Beard is Progressive Rock. But, I can understand that (some of) the melodies might be considered as 'catchy'.

I have found that I've gotten uh.. 'a full stomach' of SP. It's like a nice cream cake (with a progressive twist;-) : it's really tasty, but you can't eat many of 'em.

Yet, their complex arrangements and the excellent musicianship makes it very progressive.

I haven't heard much of Transatlantic. Just that 30 minute track that have been played here at AM.


09-08-2001, 04:15 PM
Very soon we will be premiering the new album from Transatlantic "Bridge Across Forever" - it's due in stores in October.

09-09-2001, 10:57 AM
Ya know, if I had read this message three days ago, I would've wholeheartedly agreed - they're pop with progressive tendencies.

But one day last week, I was hammering away at work while listening to the station, and someone had requested "The Great Nothing." Suddenly, it all clicked for me. I thought it was great rock, and my "progressive meter" was off, and I really appreciated it.

I think V is their best album to date - really solid.

As far as TA goes, I think they sound too much like Spock's Beard. I'm afraid the new album is much like the first in terms of tone. I'd like the band to really be a new mix of the members they have - maybe sound a bit mroe like the Flower Kings if they had to lean one way or the other.


09-29-2001, 03:23 AM
"The Great Nothing" is playing as I type - and I'm happy - it just started. But once the vocals start - (oops) there they go; do you prog fans really lilke it? 29 minutes is an awful long time to develop the two or three themes that are actually quite worthwhile. This seems like it could have been a great 7 minute song...:o