View Full Version : About requesting 'Fetch Me The Pongmaster'

11-19-2001, 11:14 AM
Hello everyone,

I thought I'd say something about me requesting Ozric Tentacle's 'Fetch Me The Pongmaster' [6:17] every day.

It's a great tune and I'm trying to figure out the Hi-Hat part.
That's why I've been requesting it for some days in a row (once a day).

If someone find it uh.. annoying, let me know.

I'm lucky to be living on this side the Atlantic; only few listeners will be 'affected' as I make the request in the morning (~7GMT).

And if Jim is awake he might delete my request.
If so, Jim, let me know instead and I'll stop, okay?

It seems that Ozric Tentacle is requested by someone else too.
Maybe it's just the randomizer...


You can view my progress, this far, on the HH-part in attached file ;)