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Quantum Soup
12-13-2001, 12:55 PM
Jordan Rudess' (www.jordanrudess.com) exquisite playing has earned him a lot
of fans recently, especially after he joined prog-metal masters Dream
Theater. Still, I personally feel that Jordan's solo work isn't as widely
known as his work with Dream Theater or the Liquid Tension Experiment and
that kind of saddens me... that's why I'm starting a mailing list dedicated
to the man who knows how to make the keys "sing" (as Frédéric Chopin would
put it), this is my pale way of saying Jordan "thanks" for all the great
music he has given me (us)... All Rudess/Dream Theater/Keyboard/Music fans
are welcome to join this forum, come on in and make yourself at home...


Daniel Filipe Miguel