View Full Version : Unknown & Brilliant Top 10 List

07-29-2001, 05:19 PM
What about a Top 10 List of Tracks / Bands that you knew
nothing about until you bumped into Aural Moon.

List stuff that is ENTIRELY new to you and that you now
think is absolutely brilliant.

Here's mine in no particular order but Cusco's Montezuma
would be at one if it were:

1) Cusco - Montezuma
2) Jade Warrior - Dance of The Sun
3) Ozric Tentacles - The Code For Chickendom
4) A Triggering Myth - The Biology of Doubt
5) Starcastle - Nova
6) Sensitiva Immagine - E Tutto Comincio Cosi
7) Al Dimeola - Egyptian Danza
8) Liquid Tension Equipment - When The Water Breaks
9) Steve Hillman - Sphinx Dancer
A) Blue Man Group - Madelgroove

I'm not much into vocals as you can see, which kind of rules
me out of the Yes, Rush and Genesis fan clubs. Good Bands all
the same. Besides which after 32 years of Ian Gillan .....

Of course, in doing the list it shows your progrock ignorance
but you are brave people I'm sure.

08-01-2001, 05:15 PM
Maybe I'm cheating, but here's my top ten not on Auralmoon - therefore, unknown.

1. Stavesacre
2. The Choir
3. King's X

ok, that's three, so let's do songs.

Stavesacre: Wither/Ascend, Stars and Clouds, Sundown Motel, Keep Waiting, Inclusive, Sand Dollar, Threshhold, ... really all their stuff...

The Choir: Circle Slide; Robin Had A Dream; A Sentimental Song, Car, Etc.; Car, Cont.; Restore My Soul; Sad Face; The Rifleman; If I Had A Yard; ...really all their stuff...

King's X: The third and fourth and fifth and seventh albums (all that I have, so far). ...all their stuff... (incredible)