View Full Version : COTM - Album/Artist Feature #11 - Earth and Fire

06-12-2011, 10:17 PM
Greetings Friends.

This weeks Feature Artist is Earth and Fire. They too are a Dutch band of the early 70's. They left us several great prog classics before denigrating into the cesspool of :ick: Disco. (gak :doncab)

We are going to sample the first album, the self-titled Earth and Fire. The 5 tracks of the set will be from that album, released in 1970.

Next is the 1973 release Atlantis. A good concept album, starting off with an epic 16 min. track.

We round out the set with they most popular album: Song of the Marching Children. This was their 2nd album which they released in 1971. This album concludes with another epic track coming in at 18 minutes.

We round off the end with a couple of bonus tracks and single versions of two of the songs on this album.

I hope you enjoy our basic elements: Earth and Fire.