View Full Version : COTM - Let's take The Trip - Feature #17

07-25-2011, 07:48 AM
Good day Mooniverse.

Today we're going to take a little journey back to Italy. This time we explore The Trip. The Trip were a British-Italian progressive rock band of the early 1970s. While their career was less successful than those of prominent Italian progressive rock bands, such as Premiata Forneria Marconi or Banco del Mutuo Soccorso (who we heard last wee), they were very popular for a few years. The group is led by keyboard player Joe Vescovi, likened as the Italian equivalent to Keith Emerson.

THE TRIP formed in 1966 with Riki Maiocchi and Joe Vescovi and Ian Broad. A few line-up changes until 1970. One of the guitarists was Richie Blackmore from 1966 - 1968. In 1970 they released their debut self-titled album. The line-up was:
- Billy Gray / guitars, vocals
- Arvid "WEGG" Andersen / bass, vocals
- Pino Sinnone / drums, percussion
- Joe Vescovi / organ, vocals

This line up also recorded their 2nd album, a concept album, CARONTE, in 1971. After this album Gray and Sinnone left and drummer Furio Chirico was added. This would the line-up that recorded our other 2 albums today, ATLANTIDE and their final album TIME OF CHANGE.

I hope you will enjoy these three albums.