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02-24-2012, 11:50 AM
Hi Folks,

We're gonna get kinda mellow this week. I'm going to take a trip to 1970 when the group Oregon was born. The original group was Collin Walcott on tabla, sitar and dulcimer, Glen Moore on bass, clarinet, viola and piano, Paul McCandless on woodwind instruments, and the famous Ralph Towner on guitar, piano, synthesizer and trumpet.

I will be playing Our First Album which was recorded in 1970 and given a very small release and then shelved. It was given a full release in 1980, thus answering the question: well, how come the album shows a 1980 date when it's supposed to be the 1st album?

The other album from Oregon will be what most thought was their first album, but was actually the 2nd release. This would be Music of Another Present Era. This was released in 1973 and was followed by a succession of at least one album per year through 1984 when they broke up following the tragic death of Collin Walcott in an auto accident while touring in E. Germany. They would later reform and continue on even to the present, a 40+ career.

I am going to use as the bread of a Ralph Towner sandwich. I have a Live solo recording of Ralph Towner in 1979. This was ripped from one of my vinyl's. I hope you will enjoy a few pops and clicks.

So, come on by during one of our airings and let's get really mellow with a new age of music from Oregon.


02-24-2012, 02:14 PM
great Dale ...I enjoy and admire so much music and musicians in your choice,,,Towner s playing has been in my ears..since late 70s I guess,,wonderful choice greetings amigo mio gracias....( BTW...Towner / Moore : Trios Solos,,,maybe my fav..)