View Full Version : McGill/Manring/Stevens at NJ Proghouse 4/19, Darryl Way, Mythos, Flower Kings

05-15-2003, 08:44 PM
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Join the GAGLIARCHIVES this Saturday night at 10pm Eastern time for program 796, as we feature an exclusive live concert recorded at the NJ Proghouse/Metlar Museum on April 19th, of fusion powerhouse McGill, Manring, Stevens courtesy of our friends at http://www.progradio.net. The performance features tracks not yet recorded, and pieces from the 2 Free Electric Sound recordings, Addition By Subtraction and the new Controlled By Radar double CD. This concert promises to be pleaser for fusion fans worldwide...Hosted by Jim Robinson, it is all caught live at The Metlar Museum in Piscataway, NJ. We'll also feature new live music from Niacin and the Blood, Sweat, and Beers CD...then we will feature a Flower King flashback to 1997 and program 502, when Roine Stolt joined us for an exclusive interivew. The Flower Kings will be at Nearfest 2003. We'll also track music from fusion guitarist Johnnie Valentino, a Pat Martino student, and his 2000 release titled Searching Souls, we'll track recent music from Tennessee project People Of The Squares and their Simianometry CD...into the vaults with music from German band Mythos and their records Dreamlab from 1975, and Quasar from 1980 as part of our 4th hour space out...also music from Australian project Cybotron and their self titled album from 1976...Maurice and Walter's "Moolah" from 1974...and we'll kick things off with Darryl Way's Wolf and the 1973 album Canis Lupis, produced by Ian McDonald, and features Ian Mosley, future Marillion drummer....Tune in and enjoy!