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05-31-2003, 04:41 AM
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Join the GAGLIARCHIVES this Saturday night, 5/31/03,
at 10pm EST, as we feature highlights of our
interviews with fusion band Tunnels (Percy Jones/Marc
Wagnon). We'll also premier the new Brand X
compilation titled Trilogy...a re-release of two
classic albums: 1992's X Communication, and 1996's
Manifest Destiny..and a bonus live disc from New York,
1979, a great documentary on the final chapter of the
band...we'll also take another look at the new Steve
Hackett CD, To Watch The Storms...We'll also spotlight
Nearfest band High Wheel and their Back From The Void
CD...and a long set of French band Magma.... We'll at
last year's top CD this week, Deus Ex Machina's
Cinque...music from Ohio Band Rare Blend and their
Evolution Theory CD and recent music from Kenso and
their Fabulis Mirabilibus de Bombycosi
Scriptis.....and classics from Dun and the Eros CD,
Italian band Museo Rosenbach and the 1973 classic
Zarathustra, and Marillion's Afraid Of Sunlight from
1995...Join us!

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