View Full Version : COTM #73 - Nectar Live

09-07-2012, 04:26 PM
Greeting concert fans of the Mooniverse.

My series of classic live albums continues this week with the 1974 release of Nektar live. It was recorded at the London Roundhouse on Noverber 25th, 1973 and the album with a shortened playlist was released in 1974. The name of the album is Sunday Night At the London Roundhouse. The original release had five songs. In 2004 the concert was remastered and the subsequent release was more than double the music and coming in a 2 CD set.

I'll be playing the extended version for your Nektar pleasure. It will feature highlights of Tab In The Ocean, Sounds Like This, and the entire album Remember the Future. There are two songs from the original recording - Oop's (unindentified flying abstract), and Mundetango - which were not included on the reissue.

I do hope you'll enjoy this concert. Sound quality is pretty good for that time. I'll save you a seat. Come on by.


09-10-2012, 09:04 AM
There are some great jams on this concert album. I hope you can stop by.