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06-13-2003, 03:53 PM
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Join the GAGLIARCHIVES this Saturday night at 10pm Eastern time for program 800, as we feature a retrospect of the last decade of programming. We will be highlighting some special interviews, performances, and major events on our program. Here are just some of the highlights we will be spotlighting on our 800th program:
--Steve Feigenbaum and the Cuneiform Records story

--A World Premier of the new Kraan album Through with commentary from Hellmutt Hattler

--Violinist Caryn Lin and her performance in our studios from program 460

--Interview highlights with Scott McGill, and a highlight from the recent performance at the NJ PROGHOUSE

--Steve Hogarth of Marillion reflects on Brave, and performs live in our studios from program 424

--Rick Wakeman discussing his sequel to the classic album Journey To The Center Of The Earth

--French band Nebelnest and their blistering set within our studios from program 605

--Guitarist Allan Holdsworth joined us for an exclusive interview program 657 Bon Lozaga and Scott McGill performed an acoustic set in our studios in 2002

--Segments of our NYC coverage of 9/11 aftermath from program 709

--Keyboardist/Composer Jan Hammer joined us this year to discuss his illustrious career

--Echolyn joined us to perform segments of the 2002 release Mei

--Djam Karet different visits over the last 8 years with interviews with Gayle Ellet, Henry J. Osbourne, and Chuck Oken JR

--The Dark Aether Project and their live performance from program 591

--Interviews with Jean-Luc Ponty, Steve Hackett, Ozric Tentacles, and many others!

This program was really hard to make selections for. There were many, many wonderful events that happened within our studios over the last 8 years, and the last 11 years of the program. All of our guests, which were hard to choose from, and listeners, contributors, and music connoisseurs like yourselves have made this program worth doing every Saturday night. A special thanks to this show, goes to Ken Golden, Davin Flateau, Jim Brennan, Jack Webster, George Piatkowski, Matt Murdock, Roger Beckwith, Chad Hutchinson, Big Bob Lovin, Drew Jacobs, Jon Yarger, Charles Nolan, Chip Rugeeri, Java Joe Anchor, Billy Budis, Elliot Sears, Michael Ostrich, the staff at WBZC, and anyone I may have forgotten. Don't miss this special program.