View Full Version : COTM #85 - Guitarists Holldsworth, Tolonen and Langton

12-21-2012, 09:38 AM
Hello Moon Followers:

Should I be able to have this actually broadcast with the impending the end of the world, I'll have a nice set of Christmas presents for you. I'll be presenting three New (to the Moon) album from 3 different guitarists: Allan Holdsworth, Jukka Tolonen, and Huw Lloyd Langton.

Huw recently lost his battle with cancer so I will play tribute to his long career as a guitarist. Huw was a driving force behind the Space Rock genre. He helped form the ultimate Space Rock bank, Hawkwind. He was in and out of the band over the years doing various projects. He first major return to the band was in 1979, joining them in time to record their album Levitation. Surprisingly, Levitation is missing from our Library, well, until today. I will be closing the show with that album.

I will kick off the show with the Finnish guitarist Jukka Tolonen. Most of you would know him from Tasavallan Presidentti. Of course, many other solo projects and groups followed through the years, but Tasavallan Presidentti has recently reformed and had a release in 2006. Jukka released just last year a solo album called Juudan Leijona. I will be playing his 1975 solo project entitled Crossection.

Our Feature album is a little treasure I found on vinyl. It is called The Things You See and it was released in 1980. It is a little different than the usual Holdsworth offerings. He collaborates with pianist Gordon Beck and a very mellow result results. Allan even throws in a touch of Electric Violin and vocals. It's sure to be a treat.

I do hope you'll be able to stop by during one of our broadcasts; either Friday, 12/21 @ 9pm, Monday, 12/24 @ noon, and Wed., 12/26 @ 5am (e.s.t.).

Merry Christmas and may your holiday season be filled with Progressive Rock.


12-21-2012, 10:16 AM
Excellent Xtmas gift ! great show amigo....'dale'DALE !