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06-26-2003, 08:14 PM
Well, We've gotten it rolling now.

1. A Momentary Lapse of Reason
Not a solid effort like The Division Bell.

2. More
Kind of disjunct, being a soundtrack and all.

3. Ummagumma Studio
Please... What the....?

Rick and Roll
06-26-2003, 10:44 PM
What's the deal here? Will reply Monday....

06-27-2003, 09:25 AM
Man, I'm a dork...

Two seperate mind trails there and they got crossed.

3. Presto

2. Caress of Steel
the long pieces are just hacked together pieces of rubbish.

1. Rush
no Peart equals Not Good.

Rick and Roll
06-27-2003, 11:36 AM
Maybe it was your Vapor trails that got crossed!

OK - I hope your sitting down - I agree with your Presto choice! Side 2 is very substandard for them. Side 1 however, has great stuff - that's why a bad Rush album is still a good album. The Pass and Scars are very good songs.

Roll The Bones is my least favorite. Again, side 1 has some killer stuff - Face Up, Where's My Thing, Dreamline, the title cut. Neurotica's good on side 2. It's Bravado, Heresy, The Big Wheel, You Bet Your Life - just awful!!!

Vapor Trails just beats out Hold Your Fire for my 3rd least favorite. We've discussed this ad nauseum in other posts. I've been a Rush fan since the 70's - I just don't like it.

I really like Caress of Steel. It was released as I was becoming aware of rock music, and it kicks ass. Lakeside Park is one of their best songs. 99% of musicians wish they could put out such "rubbish". You mean, you don't like Dicdats & Narpets?

I realize that no Peart = No Good (nice one) - however, he hadn't joined the band then. With the exception of Here Again, blistering tunes. And such great jamming!

OK, lets hear some more opinions!

06-27-2003, 02:26 PM
Hi guys,

Here is a thread that I just can't pass up. I guess that it is because I admire and enjoy Rush so much that the poor efforts are such a disappointment. My 3 least favourites are:

1 - Power Windows - Aside from Mystic Rhythms and Territories, the rest just plain sucks.
2 - Presto - Maybe 3 good songs but the rest is bland.
3 - A tie between Rush and Test for Echo - Same reason as Spaz gave for Rush but Test for Echo had the prog-pop with a dash of smugness to it that I dislike so much in the latter Rush.

I agree with Rick regarding Caress of Steel. There is something in Fountain of Lamneth that strikes an emotional chord in me.

And finally Vapor Trails was, to me, a pleasant surprise and promise of better things to come.

Rick and Roll
06-27-2003, 02:46 PM
that's a good one - that's the first record where it kind of dawned on us that Rush wasn't what it used to be.

06-30-2003, 04:27 PM
I must say this discussion is going better than the Yes one, but that's probably because Rush has worn many different styles over their career. Personally, I think Presto is the best album for the period between Signals and Counterparts; and Caress of Steel is also one of my favorites. To each his own, but here are my three least-liked (or at least least-listened -to):

3. Fly By Night

I really never got into this album. I dig Anthem, Fly By Night, and By-Tor, but the album as a whole never sat well with me. I also find overt references to Tolkien really cheesy (another example--Led Zeppelin's Ramble On)

2. Hold Your Fire

Again, another album with some really good tracks (Force Ten, Tai Shan, etc.) but just doesn't sit well as a whole.

1. Test For Echo

This one just ain't very good, IMO.

07-01-2003, 11:44 AM
Interesting thread.

Just for the record, since Hold Your Fire is getting trashed, I have to say it's one of my favorites! Of course, I really like Rush, so it's a long list of favorites.

Least favorites:
1. Counterparts - I used to own it and I traded it in - don't even remember what I got for it. Didn't matter...

2. Roll The Bones - not just because of the rap, although that might have been enough.

3. Presto - I like "Superconductor" and "The Pass", but the rest of it is just plain weak.

The first album is very different from everything else they did, but it's a damn good straight (as opposed to proggish) rock album.

Rick and Roll
07-01-2003, 11:49 AM
will always be an anathema to me because one year I saw them and they went from Xanadu into that tune. That's like going from Sleepytime Gorilla Museum into Glass Hammer!

Xanadu.........Superconductor. Play that in your head a few times, but hide the knives first.

This is fun. Some favorites are others' trash!

07-02-2003, 03:12 AM
Difficult one to reply to which is why it's taken me so long to get going. I will admit that even though I really like Rush I don't have all their albums but of the ones I do have and those I've heard the three would have to be:

1) Fly By Night

By-Tor...is good but as a whole it doesn't "push my buttons".

2) Presto


3) Rush

Like the others I've always admired Neil Peart as a drummer of great skill but that's not the reason it doesn't hold up for me. I know it's their first and as such you should give them a little space but it just seems not to hold together to these ears.

Power windows has some decent stuff on it but when I first heard it I wondered if Alex had been listening to Andy Summers' work in The Police. I reminded me SO MUCH of that sound.

On the Plus side however, I don't think that there's a better album to play someone who has never heard Rush before than "Exit Stage Left". That album ROCKS!!!!! and is the one that is never far from my deck.

Interesting thread guys!