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02-08-2013, 07:22 PM

Here on the eve of Nemogeddon, I hope you are all safe and warm, where ever you may be.

This weeks feature is on the legendary group Camel. This month marks the 40th anniversary of the release of their very first album. That will be our first album of the program.

10 years later, Camel was struggling to redefine itself after Peter Beardens left the group. 1981 's Nude was a success, but after that the members of the original and subsequent line-ups of the 70's moved on. This left Andy Latimer with a record contract but no band.

In 1982 Andy gathered a group of session musicians and guest artists and began recording their next effort due to pressure from Decca Records. This resulted in The Single Factor. It was certainly not what people came to expect from Camel, so that warrants a playing in this program. It definitely upholds the notion that progressive rock was getting too commercial and pop oriented.

1984 brought in a new line-up that was comprised of a few of the artists that Latimer had used for the subsequent tour of The Single Factor. At this point the keyboardist from Kayak, Ton Scherpenzeel, would assume that role with Camel. The resulting album was another 'concept' album entitled Stationary Traveller (based on the cold war). This will be the closing album of our feature.

The demise of Camel came after the tour in support of Stationary Traveller. Colin Bass would rejoin the band for this tour and the shows at Hammersmith Odeon even featured guest appearances from former members Peter Beardens and Mel Collins. The shows were even filmed and recorded and the live album Pressure Points was later released, fulfilling Latimer's contract with Decca Records. Unable to re-sign, or find a new label, Camel went on hiatus. Andy would move to the US and take up residence in California. But that is another story for another day.

I hope you can join me on Corner of the Mooniverse as we honor Camel with: Camel (1973), The Single Factor (1982) and Stationary Traveller (1984).

See you on the Moon.


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cAMEL Today - One Hump of two?

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