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02-14-2013, 10:29 PM
Greetings friends.

I am bringing you an encore performance of program #35 featuring Greenslade and Flash. I am in the midst of remodeling my studio here at Cattin' Around Productions and I am unable to produce a new show this week. But I think you'll enjoy this show that was entitled Rockin' the 70's part 3.

Here was the original posting for the show.

TM - Feature #35 - Rockin' Part III
We continue our look at the rock side of the early 70's progressive rock. This week we look at two bands that were the fruit of the tree of early prog. We will be listening to Greenslade and Flash.

Dave Greenslade on Keyboards is the founder along with Bassist Tony Reeves, both of whom were in the original Colosseum. The Drummer was Andrew McCulloch. You may know him from King Crimson and third third album Lizard, but that was his only association with them. McCulloch also worked with Manfred Mann, Anthony Phillips, Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Dave Lawson filled the role of the 2nd keyboard player and handled vocals. His background goes back into the British Jazz scene which greatly influenced his style.

Flash was born from the cast-offs from early Yes. Peter Banks and Tony Kaye (guitar and keyboards,respectively) teamed up with ex-Camel lead singer Colin Carter. Tony Kaye did not become a full-time member, but only did session work on the first album. He then went on to form Badger. Ray Bennett was recruited for Bass and Drummer Mike Hough, from that British Jazz scene I keep talking about, was recruited by Banks & Carter of they saw him playing in a ballroom in London.

I'll be playing the Debut album from Greenslade, as well as the debut and 2nd album from Flash. I hope you can stop by and sit in the Corner with me.