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05-17-2013, 07:21 PM
COTM - #105 - Jethro Tull Classics

Greetings Prog Fans!

This week I want to get back to some 70's classics and what better way than with one of the original originals, Jethro Tull.

I will start off with the 1969 Stand Up. That was their 2nd album.

We will zap forward in time to 1987's resurrection of the group, and its status as a progressive rock band, and the release of Crest Of A Knave. The was the first of several albums that would follow that brought them back in favor with their fans after drifting away during the early 80's.

Finally, we will conclude with the quintessential Jethro Tull album from 1971. I refer to, of course, Aqualung. It is certainly my favorite album of theirs.

I hope that will entice you to listen in and keep you entertained. I won't claim to keep you out of trouble, I have a hard enough time doing that myself. So have fun.

See you in the Corner of the Mooniverse.