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07-04-2003, 02:41 PM
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Join the July 4th edition of the GAGLIARCHIVES this
Saturday night at 10pm Eastern time for program 803 as
we take yet another step into the psychedelic
underground. This saturday night, our friends at the
Garden Of Delights label has sent some more German
paerphenalia gems. We'll track music from the 1973
album Variety from the project Think, also music from
Xhol and the Hau-RUK album from 1971, and music from
Guru Guru and the Essen 1970 release. We'll premier
the incredible new Anekdoten CD Gravity, and the new
live disc from Echolyn live at the NJ Proghouse. We'll
spotlight Nearfest 2003 project Sleepytime Gorilla
Museum as the make their way to Philadelphia on their
current East Coast tour. We'll feature music from the
1977 German group The Real Ax Band and their Move Your
Ass In Time CD, also music from the Soleilzeuhl label
and the Archaia reissue from 1977, and classics from
the Pat Metheny Group and the self titled 1978
release, Yes and the Going For The One album released
this week 1977, and Jeff Beck and the Wired album from
1976...along with music from the Nice. Don't miss this
special program...it was a pleasure to meet many of
you at Nearfest 2003!

9/11/01--We will NEVER