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07-11-2003, 03:45 PM
Oh boy, this thread is going to go on forever. List your favorite band names! To start, here is a list I've been working on here and there. Warning! Some naughty language and inferences here!

Precious Stench
Prosthetic Orgasm
Ruthless Yam
Spongy Fraulein
Tongue Warriors
Itchy Dog
Space Dung
Fresh Ground Babies
Limbic Puss
Vanilla Rump Roast
Eye Soup
Funk Muffin
Wild Willie and the Tricolored Trash Warriors
Slick Willie and the Crack Babies
Eat the Dead
6 Tires and a Grandma
Roman Marsupials
Film at 11
Run Through Security
Knife Hider
Membrane Hunters
Cosmonaut Rocket Chimps
Gun Happy
Poison Green Leprachaun Bites
Chinese Midget Dragon Slayers
Ukranian Rump Herders
Nerf Casualities
Look at the Sun!
Sunspot Envy
Thorís Bidet
Radish Dogma
Dork Parade
Potatoe Surgery
Chum Swimmer
Nub Hunter
Horse for President
Marshmallow Buttplug
The Original Flaming Asshole
Three Dead Cats
Not Your Wife
Hot Stinky Love Sandwich
Pudding for Everyone
Commando Candle Party
Factory Sealed
Run for your Wife
Fear of Rabid Girl Scouts
Banned in 34 Countries
My Four Blisters
That Wonít Heal
Tree of Woe
Spatula Police
Rear Exam
East German Prom Queen
Stalag Surprise
My Favorite Gulag
Tunguska Bowel Movement
Donís Not Cooperating
Dead Uncle
Wounded Grandma
Pumpkin Love Nuts
The Great Tomato Orgy
Marshmallow Tape Worm
Squirrels on Crack
Lunch not Launch
Plastic Appendix
Lost Left Socks
Angry Sock Monkey
Unknown Juice
The Friends of Mr. Dungheap
Mr. Doodles and the Sugar Gliders
Caustic Finger Puppets
Dirty Babies
Illegal Entry
Far from Sanitary
Not Yogurt Yet
Tastes Like Yogurt
Raining Raisins
Conspire Against Grimace
Hamburglar Death Penalty
More Than Friends
Less Virus
Spooge Pie
Trilobyte Cakes
Recipe for Death
Minoxidyl 9
Expired Medication
Made to Order
Canít Reach
I Canít Believe Itís Not Mongolia
Season of Taste
Armor Piercing Lard Bullets
Get out of my Eye
Johnny Whiplash and the Tailgaters
Full Frontal
Genital Warts
Nuclear Powered Drag Queens of Destruction
Sterile Clam Bake
Winnebagos for Wussies
Jonny Drifter and the Beijing Towel Girls
Wisconsin Sucks
Midwest Anal Rip
Rasputin and the Thrash Ogres
My Three Slums
Death Sneeze
Spandex Foreskins
Green Eggs and Fido
Chicken Pimp
Swine Pump
Thicker Than Usual
Gay Republican Satan Worshipers
Render Useless
This Wonít Work
Instructions Not Included
You Are Hopeless
Six Bags of Cud
Lesbian Strike Brigade
Cow Catcher Love Stories
Dwarven Chinese Sex Machine
I Canít Find It
Marginal Margarine
Last at Bat
Sky Dragons of Toledo
Taliban Yacht Club
Metric Bitch
Vulcan Potato Salad
No More Rubbers
Saucy Vomit
Tantric Head Lice
Born Again Crap
Crapfest 3000
Teddy Bear War Crimes
Panty Factor
Pull That Out
Half a Head
Skid Marks
Baby Toss Laugh Riot
Now with Retsin
Groping with Grover
Hands On Experience
Ass Pilot
Invisible Hitler
Pieces of Buddah
John Deereís Head in a Jar
Spunk Mothers
Low Velocity Meat Machine
Sri Lankan Boys Choir
Rendezvous with Rectum
Flying Meat Chunks
Bolshevik Spam Circus
Labor Union Long Jump
4 Cats and a Hammer
Flaky Fist
The Cichlids
Kill Whitey
Something Fuzzy
Smell My Sock
Ronny D and the Toilet Brigade
I Smell Kathy
Vaguely Unaware
Cosmic Death Spew
Baby Rash Rampage
For Gus
Kelp Diaper
Turd Mountain
Tales of the Filth Fountain
Moist Dump
Renal Snack Cakes
The Festering Doodads
Lots of Sodomy
Hitlerís Bris
Gag Order!
Cavity Search Reward
Pool Party Surprise
The Lords of Cosmic Funk
Bread Basket
Microscopic Fungus Farm
Bad Hair Growth
Bunny Killing Spree
Psycho Hamster Death March
Playtime Explosion

black max
07-12-2003, 01:15 AM
Throbbing Gristle

There was a greasy little band on the East Coast called "The Shake," did mostly covers of New Wave lite, headed by a guitarist named Jonathan Mudd (Roger Mudd's son). The band really wasn't that bad, but Jonathan was an egotistical little a$$hole, so we dubbed them "Jonathan Mudd and the MuddTones." Not that amusing, but it drove Jonathan crazy, so I guess it was worth doing.

08-05-2003, 04:48 PM
the worst band name I've ever heard is:

Quivering Venereal Consequences

08-05-2003, 06:32 PM
"Spock's Beard" is an awful name.

"Yes" is the Net's most google-unfriendly name.

08-23-2003, 02:40 PM
I always liked "Hatfield and the North" but you have to drive in england to really appreciate that one.

Also "Kilburn and the Highroads" or for pure simplicity (of mind?) "The The".

08-24-2003, 06:54 PM
For (apparently) purely random combination of letters, how about

or the techno band
'Swamps Up Nostrils'