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07-12-2003, 12:43 PM
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Join the GAGLIARCHIVES this Saturday night at 10pm Eastern time for program 804, as we feature new music from the double CD Pink Floyd tribute discs titled, A Fair Forgery Of Pink Floyd. We'll also track the new Conspiracy CD titled The Unknown from Yes alumni members Chris Squire and Billy Sherwood. We'll feature new progressive metal from John Arch and the new CD titled Twist Of Fate, which features some of the best progmetal musicians today...We'll also spotlight music from Dream Theater as they make their way to Wilmington, DE this weekend...we'll spotlight new music from Northwestern US artists, Maximum Coherence and the MAXCO CD...we'll salute the birthday of
the patron saint to the gagliarchives, bassist John Wetton....a spotlight on the 5th year anniversary of the Genesis box set, The Gabriel Years 1967-1975, with featured outtakes that didn't make it on the final production...music from Danish band Ache and the De Homine Urbano/Green Man CD's from 1970 and 1971. Into the vaults of Cuneiform Records early years with music from U Totem and their self titled album from 1990, Phil Miller's Digging In from
1991, and Piero Milesi's 1992 release The Nuclear Observatory Of Mr. Nanof. Music from a vinyl rarity of the Psyche/garage movement of the late 60's in the band The Rising Storm and the Calm Before...alive again at Andover...and classics from Passport's Cross Collateral, and Weather Report's Heavy Weather..hope to hear from you Saturday!

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