View Full Version : COTM - #119 - Versylus, C. Verdeaux & Anyone's Daughter

08-26-2013, 10:58 AM
Hello my friends

We got the computer to behave itself and we have the correct line-up for you today (Monday, Aug. 26)

I start off with the self-titles album for the short-lived group Versylus. They are from Pennsyvania. Their eponymous album was released in 1982. Like last week, this is the time when the new wave of punk rock took it's tool on their popularity and ultimately their survival.

Next up is Cyrill Verdeaux and his 1984 album Journey to Tantraland. You would most likely know him from his group Clearlight. The death of his son around 1978 led him to travel the world and India was one of the stops. As with many people, it was a very spiritual experience and he brought much of that back with him. Tantraland is part of the Chakras and this one in particular if about our sexuality. So perhaps you can tune your sexual vibe and energy while listening. (Those of you in offices, I suggest you wait until you go home.)

The third album is from Anyone's Daughter. They are a Symphonic prog band out of Germany. They formed in the mid 70's, releasing their first album in 1979. Today's album is In Blau and was released in 1982. They broke up just a few years later (1984), but it seems there was a brief reunion around the turn of the century.

I hope you enjoy today's selections.