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COTM - #121 - 1976 - Edition Special, Eloy, and Gentle Giant

This week's episode of Corner of the Mooniverse is brought to you by the year 1976.

The first feature album will be from France's Edition Spéciale. In 1976 they released their debut album Allée des Tilleuls. They are a Jazz Rock/Fusion band. The group was started by one of France's most notable guitarists Martial "Mimi" Lorenzini. He is known for his work with the Canterbury band Triangle. He teamed up with Ann Ballester (Vocalist and Keyboards), Josquin Turenne des Pres (Bass), and Jean-François Bouchet D'Angely (Drummer). The groups next two albums were favored a little more, but this was a fine beginning for them.

Up next is Eloy and they 1976 album Dawn. From Germany, Eloy began releasing albums in 1971. The group was founded by guitarist Frank Bornemann. The group would go through many line-up changes, but by 1976 they were at their height of a symphonic prog style after starting in a more psychedelic/space rock style. Dawn is by some standards one of their best albums - but I'll leave that rating up to you.

Our third band is one not at the beginning of their career, like Edition Spéciale, nor at their pinnacle, like Eloy. By 1976 Gentle Giant was beginning to wane in popularity. I will be featuring Interview. It's an album that their fans expected a lot from but were not fully satisfied, it seems. Yet, if heard by itself without a reference point of the other albums, it's quite good. Again, you decide after you listen.

This should give you a good idea of the range of work coming out in 1976. I do hope you'll join us - Friday, 9/6 @ 9pm est., Monday, 9/9 @ 12noon est, or Wednesday, 9/11 @ 5am est.

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It's Monday and it's showtime!