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10-04-2013, 07:09 PM
COTM #125 - 1978 - Bohemia, Babylon , and Zauber

Greeting friends of Aural Moon and Corner of the Mooniverse. Welcome to show #125. This week I am focusing on a few short lived groups from around 1978. The groups are Bohemia, Babylon and Zauber. I wasn't very aware of these groups until I started really searching around and I'm quite glad I've found them. I hope you find them enjoyable.

We start of with Bohemia. In the mid to late 70's most of us knew a progressive rock supergroup called U.K. Well, Bohemia was that same kind of group for Czechoslovakia. The supergroups they came from are Blue Effect, Flamengo, and Jazz Q. Keyboardist Lesek Semelka and saxophonist Jan Kubik were the leading forces of the group, which included Vladimir Kulhanek on bass, drummer Pavel Trnavsky and the then 20 year old guitar is prodigy Michal Pavlicek. The group formed in 1975 and by 1978 had released the one and only album Zrnko Písku (Grain of Sand). Their style is Jazz Rock/fusion and and they are a lot of fun.

Our 2nd group for this week is Babylon is from Florida in the USA. They have decidedly influences of Geneses, Yes, Gentle giant and the other usual suspects. They formed in 1976 and released their one and only studio album in 1978. They would break up shortly thereafter. The group consisted of Rick Leonard (Bass and vocals), Rodney Best (Drums), Doraccas (Lead vocals and keyboards), J. David Boyko (guitar) and Gary Chambers (Keyboards). The keyboard styling of Chambers is very reminiscent of Tony Banks. They are all very adapt musicians and their Self-titled album is a real treasure. Interestingly, Syn-Phonic re-released their album on CD as well as two live albums (of not so high quality). Anyone have those or heard them? Call me....

Rounding out this weeks playlist is Zauber. This group also had only one album released in 1978 for quite a while. But the group reformed in the 90's and have since released 5 other albums. The group, like the first two, also resembles several big name groups while still holding to their own identity. Zauber is Italian with their origin in Turin. They have an acoustical instrument based style reminiscent of PFM, Fruupp, and perhaps Jethro Tull (probably mostly because of the strong flute playing of Anna Galliano). It is a very melodic sound and very soothing but is musically challenging enough to hold your interest. The use of electronic keyboards and mellotron are effective and lend a lush overall sound.

Well, that's the show. I hope you can join us. See you on the radio.

10-07-2013, 10:52 AM
It's Monday and almost 12 noon. Show coming up soon. You are really gonna like these little know bands. See you on the radio.