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10-11-2013, 04:42 PM
Greetings time travelers and moon people.

We travel back again this week to 1978 with three artists. I will be playing Bellaphon's release of that year***entitled Firefly. Then Galaxy's album Nature's Clear Well. The show will be capped off by Tormato by Yes.

:aua: ***[Well, actually, my kicking in is dyslexia. Bellaphon was founded in 1981. This album, Firefly, was released in '87 not '78. :rolleyes: ***
Bellaphon is from Japan and is strongly influenced by the sound of Camel and Ain Soph. They are still together for the most part currently, mostly performing shows.

Up next is the group Galaxy. They are Swiss and released only this one album, Nature's Clear Well. I think you will find their sound very similar to last week's American group Babylon. the Yes and Genesis influences are pretty obvious. To me they sound like Starcastle with heavier Genesis influences. The album is quite enjoyable, but unfortunately the band quickly faded out of sight after the American release of the album.

Well, with all this musical adulation of the original groups of our genre, let's take a listen to what they were doing in '78. Our last album is the not so prominent album Tormato by Yes. It's a good album and features the main line-up of Anderson, Howe, White, Squire and Wakeman. By this point of their long career, the expectations of the fans were extremely high. This album was, for some, the first of several albums in a row that didn't quite rise to those expectations. But, hey, it's YES!! What do you think?

Enjoy the show. I hope you can join us.


10-11-2013, 06:58 PM
thx Dale, great selection, never heard of galaxy