View Full Version : Help us to help you

07-22-2003, 04:14 PM
I discovered your station last week and have been listening to it ever since: already started to spread your URL. Excellent job! Well done!

I've been through the forums (nice to see an intelligent bunch of folk by the way) and noticed that in certain threads artists or tracks were mentioned as not being on your playlist.

It occured to me why doesn't the station (with listener's help) compile and publish a list of must-have-albums (Vinyl/CDs).

Perhaps you could put up a list of the top 50 albums currently requested but not on your playlist.

You could then ask your listener's to source them if not available in the stores. You never know, some philanthropic listeners might even donate some. In fact, email me your postal address in the USA and I'll mail you a Daevid Allen CD to get your Daevid Allen solo collection going.