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11-15-2013, 05:53 PM
Corner of the Mooniverse - Feature #131 - 1985 for Portia Grace

Greetings my friends.

This week I will be featuring music from 1985. A time where the prog of old is fading, failing or fallen by the wayside. But fear not, all hope is not lost. There are a brave few that carried on, albeit in a new direction but not forgetting from where they came.

The year, 1985, is important to me this week as it is the year of birth for my youngest Niece, Portia Grace. We called her J.J. as a child but she made us stop and use her beautiful given name (can you blame her). Some of you may have seen my personal posts but I received notice that she was found dead in her apartment around the 9th of November. No foul play is suspected and research is ongoing as to the cause. Needless to say, this was a devastating event for our family. Portia is a sweet, personable, intelligent, creative and rather beautiful young lady. I dedicate this show and playlist to her.

I start off with Al DiMeola and his 1985 album Soaring Through A Dream. This is a rather mellow and jazzy album with song titles and lyrics that are just right for Portia. There are several songs where I think Al was channeling Pat Metheny as he adds new technologies to his musicianship.

The second album is some more of that Jazzy Crap. :winkies: We turn to the album Fables by Jean-luc Ponty, also released in 1985. This album is not the sound you would know from his albums in the 70's. Like Al DiMeola in the 1st album, the addition of electronic/synthesizer effects to their instrument (without using a keyboard) is a major shift in their style. Again, there are several track titles that are descriptive of her soul.

Now, don't let the change of style on these two albums fool you, however. Jean-Luc and Al DiMeola are both in great form throughout.

The feature album this week is NOT 'jazzy.' It is firmly set in the progressive rock Shangri-La. The album will be the heart string puller for this show. I have chosen Misplaced Childhood by Marillion. This album is perhaps viewed as a pinnacle in the FISH years of the band's history. It certainly is one that most prog lovers know, and love. That is, if you are not one of "those" Marillion lovers that only like the later years. This is a strong and dynamic album that I feel is a must have.

I hope you will forgive my indulgences but I think you will find these musical portraits entertaining and enlightening. It will give only a small glimpse into the heart of the young lady we all love who joined us in 1985, Portia Grace Eastham.


11-15-2013, 06:11 PM
thanks DALE my amigo,,prog and beyond....unique place to hear it