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11-22-2013, 07:39 PM
COTM - #132 - ProtoProg 1969

Greetings Proggers

This week's installment of Corner of the Mooniverse will wisk us back to 1969 to explore some of the groups that were the predecessors of what ultimately became defined as Progressive Rock. You will find most, if not all, elements of Prog but with perhaps a stronger Rock influence. But on the other hand, you could equally argue that these three groups are Progressive.

I start the show off with the UK group Quintessence. They are well influenced by Psychedelic Rock with heavy ties to Indian music. With a common faith of Hindu, they were quickly tagged a spiritual band. But that sound is gracefully balanced with jazz sensibilities leaving you with a very Canterbury feel. They formed in 1969 and released their debut album, In Blissful Company, before the end of the year. They continued with an album per year through 1972 before disbanding. I'll be playing this debut album.

Up next is the Dutch band Brainbox. It was formed in the mid-60's but it was not until 1969 that they released their first album. The group was formed by Jan Akkerman, singer Kazimir Lux, bassist Cyril Havermans, and drummer Pierre van der Linden. After their self-titled debut album Akkerman, Van de Linden, and Cyril Havermans left to join the Thijs van Leer Trio, which soon became the infamous group Focus. Unfortunately we do not have the full album here on the moon, but these tracks are the heart of the album.

Filling out the show is the group East of Eden. Also from the UK this group originally formed in 1967 as Pictures of Dorian Gray. With a revolving door of line-up changes until 1969 they finally settled down enough to release their debut album Mercator Projected. Their sound is heavily rooted in rock, but with the addition of acoustic instruments, including flutes and violins, the use of tape loops, and borrowing from folk, gypsy and psychedelic music they wound up with a jazz oriented style. (shaken, not stirred). They were active through 1978, releasing 9 albums. They would also reform in 1997, releasing an album that year, as well as in 2001 and 2005.

I think you'll find these a very nice blend of all the things we like about our Prog. Enjoy.