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03-03-2014, 10:28 AM
Feature #146 - Toubabou and Contraction

This week I am featuring two Canadian groups that share a history. I think many of you are familiar with Ville Emard Blues Band (aka - VEBB) out of Quebec. Well, both of our bands were part of this group at one stage of their career. The first feature band is titled Toubabou. The name was taken from the percussionist's nickname given to him by his African friends. His nickname was Toubabou Djebe Folla - white men playing drums. So as you may glean from that, this jazz rock band had a strong afro-rhythm influence. So much so that they incorporated tribal chants in a few of their pieces. Their 1st album was recorded live in 1974. Their 2nd album was released the following year and was recorded in studio. The album was titled Attente and this will be their feature album today.

The 2nd feature group is Contraction. This group was actually the backing band for Frank Dervieux, a very successful vocalist from the early 70's. Following their landmark album Dimension X (1971) Dervieux became extremely ill. His sudden and early death from this illness left the group without direction. They chose to stay together as the band Contraction. They released their self-titled debut album in 1972. About this time VEBB was forming and drew from all of the Quebec province musicians. When Contraction emerged once again from VEBB in 1974 they recorded an album that would spur the formation of some of the finest and important groups for that time. These include Maneige, Harmonium, Toubabou, Opus 5, Morse Code and Slouche (one of my earlier feature groups).
The feature album I will be playing is Contractions 1974 release La Bourse Ou La Vie.

In addition to these two albums, I continue my salute to Yes' 1974 contributions with Side/track 3 of Tales From Topographic Oceans. The song is titled The Ancients: Giants Under The Sun. This will close out the show.

The show will also be interspersed with tracks from Paco De Lucia, the renowned flamenco guitarist. You may remember his work with The Guitar Trio of himself, Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin. He passed away last week and we will certainly miss his great talent and inspiration.

So, a busy show. I hope you can drop in. Monday @ 12 noon (e.s.t.) and Wednesday @ 0500 (e.s.t.)