View Full Version : COTM - #152 - Jethro Tull Through the Years

04-11-2014, 08:06 PM
Greetings to you, my Moon riding friends. So nice to see you all through my pollen filled eyes. Wow, I hate to keep repeating a line, but boy and I tired. Our Spring season is in full swing down on the dirt farm and Rock Quarry. I have not had much more than 20 minutes peace in any one day in the last 3 weeks. But this week I found one such break and I am able to bring you this weekís new show. The opening cut you heard was Living in the Past. This version was the opening track from a bootleg album entitled Live at the Lonestar. It was recorded in 1993. I found it was a great opener for my set today.
I am, of course, paying tribute to Jethro Tull. I have been paying a lot of attention to 40 years ago (1974). I am always amazed when a band has lasted through that time and continues to work even now. My segment today show cases the band from 45 years ago with this next album from 1969. It is entitled Stand Up and has some of his longest lasting hits.
I am going to follow that with two more albums today. They are 1974ís War Child and then 1979ís Stormwatch. Both are lesser played albums, but they were still popular. Why not, they had a good beat to them and you could dance to them.
I will close the show with another cut from Live at the Lonestar. It is the closing track, Bouree, which is the song I left off Stand Up.
It is not often you can compare a groupís growth like this, an album from every 5 years. Do tell me what you think.

See you on the radio.