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04-18-2014, 08:35 PM
Greetings friends
. We are taking a listen today (even as we speak) of Golden Earring. Up first is the 1971 album Seven Tears. That will be followed by the 1975 album Switch. It is easy to forget (and even to not know) that this group has a much longer history than most think. It date's back into the mid 60's when they started out as The Golden Earrings. They later shortened it to just Golden Earring. These guys know how to rock it.

I'll close the evening with John Miles. His third release was Zaragon. It is a concept album and came out in 1978. It is one of those lost classics that didn't get as much attention as it deserved.

Two of tonight's albums are new additions to the Aural Moon Library, Zaragon and Switch. I hope you enjoy them.

See you on the radio.


04-19-2014, 02:50 PM
great selection , GE are well known here in Belgim since their early beginnings, they played a full-house in Antwerp a few weeks ago :-)
LPs of interest for progers are imo ( before they were just a rock band):
Eight miles high ( ysp a huge Byrds' cover)
Golden Earring
Seven tears
Together ( with the great rack Brother Wind)
Switch ( the hard task to follow the himalayesque Moontan , ce soir ce soir assassination d'une rock n roll star :-))
To the hilt ( the hypnotic drone like Mad love is coming)
it was their last 'progressive record' , facing a lack of succcess they wwent back to good r'n'r
also of interest :
the Live : double LP of 1977 , fantastic allthrough, with Elcoo Geeling on lead guitar ( ex-Cubby and the Blizzard / ducth blues band)
Barry Hay the singer recorded a fine ( but hard to find) solo Lp called only parrots, frogs and angels on POLYDOR records) in 72 imo ( feature an 8 minutes long track called Xena)
just for the record
GE formed in 1961 , recorded his first single in 1965 [ Please Go],

04-20-2014, 03:54 PM
* mad love is coming is from Contraband not from To the hilt , sorry