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05-02-2014, 07:29 PM
Greetings to you my friends of the Moon.

A special treat for you all. I am featuring another of the best progressive rock bands you have never heard of. The band is definitely on the Symphonic side of prog. Lush keyboards and melodic guitars. One might liken them to the music of Camel, Eloy, Barclay James Harvest, and perhaps Caravan. There is always an influence of Pink Floyd floating about as well. The virtuosity of the band might you to think of Rick Wakeman's solo works.

The groups name is Eela Craig. They are from Linz, Austria, forming in 1970. They released their 1st album (self-titled) in 1971. Critics praised the group, comparing them with the other big groups (ELP, KC, Gentle Giant). This first album is what starts the show.

The band was very active in performances over the next few years, even having several performances with the Zurich Chamber Orchestra in 1972, which led to more Opera House performances in Italy, Germany and Austria. In 1975 they signed with Virgin Records, releasing several albums over the next few years: One Niter ('76), Hats of Glass ('77), Missa Universalis ('78), Virgin Oiland (1980). Their last release came in 1988 with Hit Or Miss. The group disbanded after that.

The heart and soul of the group was Hubert Bognermayr (Keyboards and vocals). He became well known in the keyboard world because of his pioneer work with the Fairlight computer and his 'electronic Hunter's Lodge' (which was even bless by Bob Moog). I'm not real sure what that actually was, however.

The rest of the band included Hubert Schnauer (keyboards and flute), Harald Zuschander (keyboards, flute and guitar), Fritz Riedlberger (guitar, piano, and vocals), Gerhard Englisch (Bass and percussion), and Frank Hueber (drums and percussion).

In 1995, the band reunited for a one-off live performance in their city of origin, Linz. This was also the time when Hubert Bognermayr put together the compilation album that is a compilation of the albums One Niter and Hats of Glass. The album is titled Symphonic Rock and it will be the 2nd part of the playlist.

So, essentially, you will hear the albums Eela Craig ('71), One Niter ('76), and Hats of Glass ('77). I hope you can join us.

05-04-2014, 03:39 PM
oops , I read first Elijah Craig :-)
both are exquisite US bourbons :-)