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08-22-2014, 04:23 PM
Greetings my fellow prog lovers.

Man, it is hot as ____________ (enter your favorite saying or explicative).
So, I'm looking for a way to cool off. And what's colder than an iceberg ? (and don't say your spouse because you'd be dead to them if you did.)

So, to put the chill on here is an encore broadcast of the original show #52 featuring Iceberg. Below is a copy of the original thread for that show.


COTM Feature #52 Iceberg

Im not sure why, but I have been seeing a lot of things about the Titanic lately, from articles about museum exhibits, replicas at Dollywood and other parks, and such things. Im sure you know where that leads me. Yep, thinking about Icebergs. So what better way to carry on that thought than a visit in the way back machine with DJ Dale to the mid-70s and the best, no let me clarify that, THE best fusion and progressive rock band to come from Spain.

Iceberg comes from Barcelona officially, coming onto the international scene in 1975 with their first release Tutankhamon. You will find Spanish prog described in two ways. One is flamenco-rock, which was the fusion of progressive rock with flamenco. This was probably best exemplified by Iceberg with their 1976 release Coses Nostres. But you can listen to any album by Iceberg and here the jazz influences on the music.

The original band members were: Max Su (guitar), Josep Mas "Kitflus" (keys), Primi Sancho (bass), Jordi Colomer (drums) and Angel Riba (voice, only in the first record). I would match these musicians, pretty much note for note, with those of the group Return to Forever. Yep, they are THAT good. You will hear the influences of Chick Corea, Al Di Meola, and John McLaughlin (among many others). Carlos Santana is also an obvious influence, but really what they all share is what is inherent in the heritage of Spanish music and flamenco. That is where their rhythms and style come from.

This episode #52 will feature Icebergs first two releases (Tutankhamon and Coses Nostres). I will toss in a track from their one live album Iceberg En Directe from 1978. Recorded in Madrid, it features 3 long songs that were never released on a previous album (how fresh). I will only be able to play the 17 minute track from side one.

I hope you can join me, sink or swim. See you on the Corner of the Mooniverse Friday, April 6 @ 2100 est, or Monday, April 12 @ 1200 est.