View Full Version : COTM - 173 - Ananga Ranga, Johnson-Hammer

09-05-2014, 08:17 PM
For this week’s show, I am bringing you a pair of albums from Jan Hammer and David Earle Johnson, two prominent musicians and composers of the fusion wave. The two albums, Time is Free and Hip Address were released in 1979 and 1980, respectively. In actuality, the albums are under David Earle Johnson's name because they were his solo albums that Jan Hammer helped out on. Time is Free was Johnson's debut solo album.

But first, I will play for you a fusion group that was at the forefront of the Fusion Wave in Portugal. Their name was Ananga Ranga.

The band was essentially created in 1976 as a cover band. A big shift in the line-up occurred in 1979 after being forced by their record company to record Disco singles. The lineup of the band for the first of their two recordings was Firmino Luis (Guitars and Vocals), Vasco Alves (bass and vocals), Manuel Barreto (piano and vocals), Necas (drums), and Manuel Garcia (Saxaphone). For their 2nd album they added Violinist Carlos Zingaro.

I had trouble getting info on Ananga Ranga so I went to one of my back-up sites, which you might like. It is the Gilbralter Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock. http://www.gepr.net/bandlist.html

Check it out, as well as this show.

See you on the Radio.