View Full Version : COTM - #179 - Carol of Harvest, Asgard and Spirogyra

10-20-2014, 10:57 AM
Greetings my friends.

Sorry, but still voiceless in the new home. (Or should I say Box City?)
But I have a great show for you this week.

We are back in the early 70's, for the most part. I have three bands with short histories. First up is a group from Germany - Carol of Harvest. They were a one-off band up until 2009 when they reformed and released a 2nd album. I offer their first self-titled album for you today, which was released in 1978. They are categorized as Kraut rock, but that isn't the typical sound they have. They fit better in the same class as Renaissance, Pentangle, and early Clannad (more like Symphonic Folk). There is the added harder edge of Jane from time to time as well. Much of this softer side is attributable to the female vocalist Beate Krause.

Next up is another one-off group, Asgard. Sean Trane, a reviewer on Progarchives, warns that they are "Not to be confused with the French prog folk group of the later 70's or the Italian neo-prog group of the early 90's, this English band (spelling the name differently, Asgærd) released just one album in 72 that is sometimes considered a hidden gem of the UK's early 70's proto-prog." If I had to name a group of similar sound I would say Uriah Heep but without the heavy organ. Great vocals and harmonies.

To round out the show we find another band whose name is often confused with a more recent band. We all are mostly aware of the current group Spiro Gyra, a fusion/soft jazz group with a fairly prolific discography. The early group Spirogyra (note the lack of spacing between words) released their first album in 1971 and followed with two more (1972 & '73). They too have since reformed and released two current albums in 2009 and 2011. This group is also categorized in Prog Folk. The group is led by the vocals of Martin Cockerham and Barbara Gaskin. Many of you should know Barbara Gaskin from her work with Hatfield and the North, National Health, Bill Bruford and Dave Stewart. Today I will play their third album "Bells, Boots and Shambles."

I do hope you enjoy today's "softer side of prog" from our groups Carol of Harvest, Asgard, and Spirogyra.