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11-14-2014, 06:26 PM
Guten Nacht, Freunde.

This week on the Mooniverse we are going to visit Germany around 1977. I have two krautrock bands, one very famous, and one that should have been. So ist das Leben.

The two bands are Can and Aera. In 1977 both bands were falling into the Fusion or Jazz Rock groove. Can by this time had swung more mainstream than their very experimental albums of the early 70's. Aera was just starting out in 1975 with the release of Humanum Est. In 1977 (in the USA) their 2nd album was released - Hand Und Fuss. This will be the feature album of this show, so it will, of course, be played last. Just before that will be Can's Saw Delight (also released in 1977).

Now for the top of the show we will not be starting in Germany. Here I have found an Australian band entitled Aleph. What, you've never heard of them? I'm sure you're not alone. They were together from about 1974 - 1983. The group was started by the ex-drummer from a small fledgling group at the time, AC/DC. In years to come, the two bands would perform together during the Australian leg of AC/DC's world tours.

Aleph, is only related to AC/DC through the drummer, there are no musical similarities. Aleph was definitely symphonic progressive rock, complete with all the usual instruments, including Moog and Oberheim synthesizers, and Mellotrons. Their one album was released in 1977 against their own wishes. Their record label, Warner, did not heed their request to rerecord the poor audio quality of the tracks. (Well, not poor, but low enough they were unhappy with the final result). They would split, of course, with Warner after that.
Their sole album is entitled Surface Tension. Perhaps that was a commentary titled, ya think?

So, come join me for more New To You music. Aleph, Can and Aera.

See you on the radio.


11-17-2014, 09:28 AM

Sorry for the site issues Friday evening. It's all better now.

Catch today's rebroadcast at 12 noon (est). I'll see you on the Mooniverse.