View Full Version : Ray Wilson in Bochum, Christuskirche on Nov 21, 2014

11-21-2014, 05:32 PM
It seems that I am the only one posting some reports about gigs I am attending. I do not expect, that anybody posts threads about gigs that I am attending, but it really would be nice to read about events worldwide, not only from the surrounding of Dortmund..:roll:

The Christuskirche is a protestant church rebuilt after WWII, so modern architecture. We saw Jethro Tull with their Christmas songs and just one year ago Camel with the Snow Goose. 2 memorable events (of course you can read my reports here in the Forum...)

Seats were not asigned (as usual in this church) but we got our fav place which is first row on the balcony. The gig begun on time. On stage were (sorry, no names, but even googling the line up seems secret..):

2 female Violinists (electric and acoustic viola and electric violin, classic education, concert violinists of 1rst category)
1 Keyboard (also classical education, first class concert pianist)
Bass, Sax, Flute (yes one for all, when playing Sax and Flute the keyboarder took over with bass pedals...excellent musician)
Steven Wilson (guitar and vocals) as always superb
Ray Wilson...well, what should I say...

As always, I cannot serve you with a setlist, but I can tell you that the gig was a mix of Ray Wilson (50%), Genesis, Peter Gabriel and 2 Phil Collins tunes.

On a top level for me there were 3 highlights:
Genesis tune "Entangled" acoustic with piano and Viola
A solo from the Violin and piano
On the Ray Wilson tune "Propaganda Man" a rocky/blues solo from the violin (man that rocked)

The gig was hilarious as always. I think it is the 10th RW gig I went to and I hope that there are many to follow. Just bought the tx for March 6 here in Unna.

Ray is not too much appreciated here on the Moon (he is not pure prog..).But, if you have the chance to see him, it is an absolute must to go!

Well, next concert review on the Moon will be then my next gig...(This is really a shame...) Nevertheless, I am enjoying telling you and making you jealous...