View Full Version : COTM #185 - The Flower Kings

11-28-2014, 05:50 PM
COTM #185 - The Flower Kings

Greetings my flower children. This week's show is featuring The Flower Kings. They started as a solo project of guitarist Roine Stolt (formerly of Sweden's Kaipa). His project was entitled The Flower King. The band he put together to begin a tour in support of that album clicked well and they stayed together. If fact, with the usual cursory personnel changes here and there, they are still a prog-card carrying band, producing and performing around the world.

The feature album which I will play is their third release from 1997. It is entitled Stardust We Are. 126 minutes of symphonic prog stuffed onto two cds. The work is capped with the title track, which is a 25 minute epic.

This album easily set a very high benchmark for the group, but they quickly surpassed it with each of the next few album releases. I hope you can stop in tonight (Fri., Nov. 28 @ 9pm e.s.t.) to hang out with us and listen. Or perhaps you can catch the replay on Monday, Dec. 1 @ 12noon (e.s.t.).

I look forward to hearing you there. See you on the radio.