View Full Version : COTM #194 - Demis Roussos & Edgar Froese Tribute

02-02-2015, 09:34 AM
COTM #194 - Demis Roussos & Edgar Froese Tribute

Hello Moonlings.

This wee we are going to pay a tribute for two landmark artists that have passed in the last few weeks. Up first Demis Roussos, the voice of Aphrodite's Child. His angelic voice with a vibrato reminiscent of PFM's Bernardo Lanzetti. Aphrodite's Child was an early Progressive Rock cornerstone, led by the infamous Vangelis. While the group only lasted a few years, the albums they released were so very important. After Roussos left the group he went on to a very lucrative and popular career as a solo artist, focusing mainly on Pop music, however. I'll be playing the Debut album of Aphrodite's Child entitled End of the World.

Our second artist is the cornerstone of Electronic, psychedelic and progressive rock: Edgar Froese. His creation of Tangerine Dream was monumental to the development of modern music in so many ways. Edgar is the only member of Tangerine Dream that has stayed with the group, but then again, it was his creation. I will be playing two albums from his solo career - Ages from 1977 and Pinnacles from 1983. I think you are all very familiar with the TD library, so hopefully this is something that will be 'new to you.'

Please note some technical issues last Friday prevented the upload of the 2nd intro for the Froese albums, but I think I make up for it with an excessively long leading intro - but it is quite informative. ;)

I hope you enjoy our Tribute to Demis Roussos and Edgar Froese.

See you on the radio.