View Full Version : COTM - 199 - Ted Reinhart & Gamalon

03-09-2015, 10:42 AM
Greetings Friends.

Lately, I have been doing far too many tributes to artists of Progressive Rock that have fallen. Iím afraid this week will not be an exception. This past week we tragically lost a incredibly talented drummer, Ted Reinhardt. He was a passenger on a small aircraft along with several close friends. Returning from Florida they crashed in the Norfolk, VA Botanical Garden.

Ted was one of the founding members of Gamalon, a jazz rock group out of Buffalo, NY. The other founder was Bruce Brucato, who lost his fight with cancer just over a year ago.

I hope you will tune in today @ noon e.s.t. as I pay tribute to this awesome band and their founders. I'll be playing their self-titled debut album along with their fourth album Held To The Light released in 1996. I also have a few live tracks recorded in 1988 on St. Patrick's Day at the club Mannequins in Towanda, NY.

See you on the radio.