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08-15-2001, 01:07 PM
Been listening most of the day and have noticed a problem on
your Playing Now page. I've noticed this a number of times over
the weeks and months but it has been particularly peculiar today.

Nothing major but the some song lengths are showing as the
same running time.

Here's a quick list for today:

Trey Gunn Band, The - The Joy of Molybdenum 5.27
Men Of Lake - The Perception of the Wind 5.27 [7.23]

Trettioariga Kriget - Kaledoniska Orogenesen 5.20
Mägo de Oz - Kelpie 5.20 [4.51]

Santana - Song of the Wind 6.08
Paranoise - Tetrahedral Metaphor 6.08 [6.28]

Cannot say as I really care but thought best let you know. But
perhaps not you where the problem lies.

Another stange one is that when I click on the Now Playing link
all that happens is that the Aural Moon homepage refreshes. I
can only get to the Now Playing list from my own made shortcut.

Running lengths are not so important to me but I depend on the
Now Playing list so when a new to me good track turns up, I know
who and what it is. I do not have title enabled in Winamp.

Now here is an almost interesting thing. When I looked up the
running time of Trey Gunn, I noticed that you have some Traffic.
Thinking that I didn't know you had Traffic, the very next was
indeed Traffic. Now all I have to do is use my psychic powers to
get you to play EVERY Schicke, Fuhrs Frohling straight off.

Any hope of the Edgar Winter Band, especially Frankenstein. Also
Nils Lofgren and more Billy Cobham.

I will not be contributing to the forum much now. I do not want
people to think who the hell does he think he is. That would be
unfair to my personallity and at 43, I can do without it. I just
have a very deep love for this type of music - non vocalled at

Looking forward to the G Archives later

Kindly Delete this post once you've noted the problem

08-15-2001, 02:21 PM
Thanks exPurple - yes, it appears that our song management softwrae needs restarted - looks like it's cranky.

When you click on the Now Playing icon, it indeeds takes you to the main page, which then should open the Now Playing window automatically - what browser are you using?

Frankenstein is a great idea - we'll work on that.

And keep typing away - that's exactly what these forums are - teh more feedback we get the better (much of the playlist additions these days are from these forums). It's also invaluable for us to solve problems people are having.



08-15-2001, 03:14 PM
I am using IE 5.51.

Actually I wish I had not mentioned that because it seems that
my popup ad banner killer software treats the link from the AM
homepage to Now Playing as a popup.

If I disable my popup killer, the page comes up fine. My software
must think it is a popup which looking at the default window size
it as almost damn looks like one.

I mention Frankenstein for the good of the masses. I have it if you
cannot lay your hands on it.

A quick one. Why is Benny The Bouncer missing from the other
ELP Tracks of Brain Salad Surgery?
OK not in full keeping with the rest of AM but
makes a nice change and on cracker of a sing-along. Here goes:
Benny was the Bouncer at the Parlais de Dance etc

Also How can you have Queen without an all time rock giant of
Tie Your Mother Down??

Keep Well