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09-01-2001, 12:28 AM
Hello everyone.
I've been listening to the webcasts for a while now.
I thought it was about time that I registered for the forums
and made myself known. It's good to know there are other
people out there that have similar tastes in music as I.
Yes is my favorite. I go see them tomorrow (psyched!)
I am a musician. I have been playing guitar since I was
around 14. I'm now 32. I work with computers for a living
but my heart is in my music. With the state of the industry
nowadays I thought I had better not rely on it to put food on
the table. The way things are now, it's not talent that drives
music popularity... it's money. Much of the popular music
nowadays does not even need musicians on stage during
a performance. It's more of a dance show. Puch a button
and the whole thing starts. I may be old-fashioned, but
I like to have musicians onstage during a concert actually
playing something challenging.
Enough of my rants. Just wanted to say hi to all the kind
people out there. Wonderful stream you guys got here.
- Peace

Earl Grey
09-01-2001, 04:46 AM
Do I know you from YESFANS.com ?
Just wondered.
The popular music of the moment is that of nails screetching, scritchingly-tearing, ripping and flipping fucked-up GOBBETS of flailing flesh from the back of anything remotely musical, while posing as a tribute to Olivia Newton John. Whee!
I thought I heard one distinguishable note in the last 'shlong'-song, passed like a kidney stone, on MTV.
Whoops! I was wrong. It was a rapper accidently pausing on "POP A CAP IN YO' ASS!" What can one say? I must be quite the anachronism, expecting a little melody along with the razorblades... Guess I'm getting old.
Anyhow, my 16 year old just asked me, "WHAT are you listening to?"
"Oh. Whats that sound coming out of the microwave oven?"
"It's just the people that LIVE in the microwave oven".

Just another day under the moon. Thank You "E"