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09-02-2001, 05:59 PM
Please confirm intended transmission time for this week.
Will it be the same as last week. Sorry to ask but I enjoyed
the Premier so much last week that I would hate to miss it.

A hopefully constructive comment. It was absolutely first class
and I enjoyed it thoroughly. But I had great difficulty catching
the bands name and especially the song titles. There were 2
around the same time as Gibberish which I thought were very
good but I didn't catch the band name or song name.

The transmission seems to go a lot quieter at these times
so I ended up thinking such and such was brilliant but not a clue
who or what it was.

Perhaps just me and my poor hearing.


Big thanks for playing my Sebastian Hardie and Windchaser
requests and promptly too. Every one was all I had hoped for.
I told you that I listen for hours on end.

Please see addition on my Cheating post as it doesn't show as
a new post and so you may not have read it.

Approaching midnight here. So until my next requests. And thanks
for the help and pointer to Windchaser. Brilliant !!

09-02-2001, 06:15 PM
Same channel, same place, same time as last week.

I was thinking of getting a track list together to post - it's hard to keep track of it all over 4 hours - looks like we're on the same wavelength there.

Even though Tom's voice sounded just fine during production, it came out very boomy for some reason when shot through the station. I might try reducing the low end during his segments, which may make it easier to hear.

Have a blast!