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progdirjim 08-27-2018 06:41 PM

Lazy Ass DRH JB24 August 28, 2018
Allman Brothers - Dreams
Lucy Dacus - Next Of Kin
Love And Rockets - No New Tale To Tell
The War On Drugs - Up All Night
Twentyone Pilots - Heathens
John Lennon - Cold Turkey
Arcade Fire - Everything Now
Stew - Mind The Noose And Fare Thee Well
Alice Merton - Hit The Ground Running
George Harrison - This Song
Bruce Springsteen - Candy's Room
Jefferson Airplane - Star Track
Sinead O'Connor - The Emperor's New Clothes
The Fixx - Built For The Future
Triumph - Fight The Good Fight
Ringo Starr - It Don't Come Easy
Tonio K - Life In The Foodchain - entire album
Badlees - I Liked You Better (When You Hated Yourself)
Molly Hatchett - Dreams I'll Never See (and now we've come full circle...)

mariocc 08-27-2018 07:40 PM

Re: Lazy Ass DRH August 28, 2018
Triumph !..MHatchett.. ,,great Harrison song ,,one of my fav ,,great great pick.. Fixx,
nice show amigo

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