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mariocc 11-01-2021 07:36 PM

Thank You Pat Martino Rest In Peace
Pat Martino has passed away today.

There is not a single professional guitar player or amateur guitar player or just a guitar/music lover who doesn t know who Pat Martino was.

For any serious guitar player Martino has place in its heart and in the understanding of guitar and music,, no matter the musical language you play.

An exceptional artist, a truly virtuoso of the instrument in all the true senses or meanings that virtuoso means; his approach to music theory applied to the instrument is a huge challenge.

I recommend to read his bio. and the way he practically had to start all over again after a critic brain aneurysm. Re-learn everything.

There is a lot around,,yotube,,internet etc.

We have here in library an excellent album,, played many times all these years ( Thank You JIM )

Thank You Sir for your phenomenal inspiration.

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