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Avian 06-09-2019 08:37 AM

Aural Moon App Changelog
1.0 (1.0)
initial beta release

1.0 (2.0)
- Sleep timer label disappears again when timer is over
- Haptic feedback added to interface buttons
- Credits edited
- When system/remote event pauses music, App stops playback (disconnects). *may make this a user preference about how to handle.

1.0 (3.0)
- Live button disabled when not playing from the buffer, and enabled when it is.
- Reenabled stream pausing from pressing play/pause button (bug introduced in previous build)
- Fixed date formats in incoming notifications so it shows local or station time properly.
- Added a setting preference about how to handle remote stop/pause events: you can specify whether to disconnect from stream or just pause and keep buffering.
- fixed message on screen when music is paused
- fixed UI bugs
- News items are now presented in order of descending date

1.0 (4.0)
- New Play At Startup setting allows you to select whether app plays stream at startup. Default is to not start the stream.

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