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OverHillandDale 12-01-2017 07:46 PM

COTM - #410 - Alan Parsons, Falloch, and Frágil
Greetings Moon Men & Women!

This weeks show is going to feature some new to the moon music.

First up is an album from Alan Parsons (credited to Alan, not to the project). The album is titled The Time Machine and was released in 1999. Not one of his best albums, but some great tracks in the mix.

The 2nd album is from a new to me group - Falloch. The group, or I should say duo, is from Glasgow and they formed in 2010. They have two other albums to their credit from 2011 (Where Distant Spirits Remain) and 2014 (This Island, Our Funeral). They are a combination of Post-Rock, Black Metal and Folk, which works surprisingly well. The latest album is Prospice released this past year.

Third on the playlist is a group from Peru called Frágil. They formed back in the mid-70's and had their strongest run in the 90's, in terms of releases. They started as a cover band of Genesis, Yes, Led Zeppelin, and other prog groups. They released their debut album in 1981, Avenido Larco and it remains their best. Today's album is a 2010 remastered version of their last album Alunado, released in 1997. They never sang in English so they missed a chance of going international. I applaud them for staying true, but it might have been interesting to see where they went.

I hope you enjoy these new to the moon artists.

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