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OverHillandDale 01-05-2018 08:20 PM

COTM - #415 - Colin Tench
Greetings Friends,

On Dec. 29, 2017 an early shadow was cast upon the life of British Guitarist Colin Tench. Born in 1954 he grew up in London. In 1977 he immigrated to Australia, where he learned guitar and played in the band The Pommie Gentlemen. Moving back to London in 1981 to join Odin Of London. Unable to secure a record label after several years of live performances, the group disbanded.

In 1985 he formed a group with former Odin members Gary Derrick, Cliff Deighton and Joey Lugassy. They recorded together as BunChakeze, but again, a record label did not materialize. Colin gave up the guitar at this point.

In 2010 Colin reconnected with John Culley from Odin Of London. It was John that suggested the 1985 BunChakeze. So, 25 years after it was recorded, the album Whose Dream? was released.

With the impetus of this release Colin also reconnected with the guitar and started the group Corvus Stone with Petri Lindstrom, Robert Wolff and Pasi Koivu. They released their eponymous album in 2012. Vocalist Blake Carpenter sang a few songs from that album and they collaborated with Blake's band Oceans 5, releasing Return to Mingulay in 2013.

Other projects for Colin over the years included The Minstrel Ghost, Coalition, Transmission Rails, Andres Guazzelli, Murkey Red (as mixer), United Progressive Fraternity, Karibov, and finally Colin Tench Project.

I'll be playing selections from Corvus Stone and Corvus Stone II, as well as BunChakeze's Whose Dream? I will also debut the recently released Colin Tench Project album Minor Masterpiece.

I hope you will join us on Friday @ 9pm, Monday @ 12noon, or Wed. @ 5am for this tribute.

mariocc 01-06-2018 04:34 PM

Re: COTM - #415 - Colin Tench
it has been a sad surprise,,,we talked by email couple of times,,,I invited him obviously to join us,,,, very nice guy. Sad loss.

Mike413 01-08-2018 10:14 AM

Re: COTM - #415 - Colin Tench
Yep, sad news. We exchanged a few comments a while back on youtube when I listening to some of his first album on there. I listened to most of his latest on bandcamp and it's really, really good. RIP Colin. I will try to tune in for this.

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