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KeithieW 04-21-2003 01:28 PM

AM's Birthday!!!
Just a thought but when is Aural Moon's birthday? I see that Avian was the first to register on 22/5/01 (or should that be 5/22/01???) and wonder if that is the date. Could be, of course, that this is when the forums started up and nothing to do with the Station as a whole. Any plans for a special program to commemorate the occasion?

Maybe we could all suggest a favorite track to be played on the day.............just another of my hare brained ideas.

Avian 04-21-2003 03:27 PM

Hee hee - we're much older than that, actually (we didn't have forums until 2001). But it appears our birthday IS coming up!

Here's the original post that I sent out to Usenet announcing our existence. Back then, we were a downloadable weekly show - shortly thereafter going to a live stream. We were still in Boston. This was in the absolute infancy of live365 - hardly resembling what it does today. So, you can probably consider this announcement's date, 6/22/99, as our birthday. Next year's the big 5!

Date: 6/22/99

We're proud to announce the first edition of a new weekly progressiverock netshow: Aural Moon!

(insert fanfare here)

Our first few shows are going to be a musical response to the many, many quesitons I answer about people just getting into progressive rock and don't know where to start. It's a sampling of some mainstream stuff, but don't worry - we will be diving into some "more obscure" music soon enough.

Aural Moon "show 0" includes Yes, Genesis, Rush, gentle Giant, King Crimson, Mike Oldfield and others.

So, welcome neo-proggers yearning to learn more, and paleolithic
proggers who want to join us at the beginning of what's going to be a fun trip!

(The mp3 streaming features of the site aren't working due to server side problems - so it's Real Audio only for a bit. 20.7k mono - the best modem-caliber I've heard yet!)


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