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Mike413 10-17-2017 07:28 PM

So who went to Progstock?
I haven't seen much discussion about this lately. I know a few of you went. How was it? Apparently it was rather lightly attended. However, the important thing is did you enjoy it and who were your favorite acts?

NorCalKurt 10-18-2017 12:18 PM

Re: So who went to Progstock?
Kathy and I were there.
For a first effort, it went very well.
Attendance was quite good. Not a full house by any means.

TheFish 10-18-2017 06:33 PM

Re: So who went to Progstock?
It was good. Attendance was slim. I heard 330. Rachel Flowers was great. I don't need to see Kertzner again. Glass Hammer's sound was so poor I felt for them. Very nice venue. Circuline was so-so. All others were GREAT!

Mike413 10-18-2017 08:51 PM

Re: So who went to Progstock?
Yeah, I heard a little over 200 but I guess maybe it depends on the day.

I was not too keen on Kerzner at Rosfest. Glass Hammer and Circuline were good at Rosfest though but I didn't need to see these bands again so soon. It sounds like it was a success though and I hope they have it again next year.

Laudio9 10-19-2017 09:10 AM

Re: So who went to Progstock?
Karisssss and I were there, nice first festival. Old theater was cool, town was ok...some bands sounded good, some not..they had the bass and drums up sooo loud on some Glass Hammer that you couldn't even enjoy the band..the drums drown out the other instruments. more Dave Kerzner..enough already...he was stumbling thru some Kevin Gilbert tunes and then Peter Jones comes out and nails a Kevin Gilbert tune... Dave should take notes... Rachel Flowers played the whole Tarkus on grand piano...that was unbelievable..she is unbelievable and her flute playing was excellent also on some of Francis Dunnery's music.. Francis btw was great, fun to watch... Tea Club did an Acoustic set which I thought was cool, they sounded good. Resistor was good, most of these bands I had seen before but anyway Of Course TangeKanic (The Tangent and Karmakanic) sounded great! And lets don't forget one of the main reasons why I went was to see Aisles...they sounded great and a great performance, very passionate, the two guitar players were incredible playing intertwined guitar was really cool watching them. All in all it was a cool time.. long drive home on monday but we still went to see Valdez (simon godfrey) and District 97 in greensburg PA, Aisles was supposed to be there but something went on with the visa's so they werent there.. only a bout 25 people in the audience.. Valdez sounded good, played good, the bass player from Echolyn Tom Hyatt plays with Valdez now. We could only stay for a couple songs from District 97, too loud, too noisy and Leslie is such a we seen them 3 of 4 times before, they have a new bass and guitar player and every song sounded exactly the same, thumping deep was hard to listen too, sorry but it did not appeal to me or Karen soooo we left.. All in all a great weekend, Nice seeing TheFish (Mat) and Kurt and Kathy, I think we were the only Moonies there. Hope they continue the festival but I'm all festivaled out.. after seeing 11 Nearfests, 5 or 6 Rosfests, 3-3RPs, Progday..its kind of a blur anymore... Next Rosfest, because of Barrock Project and PFM, may be the last festival for me and karisssss...

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