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OverHillandDale 08-05-2009 12:03 AM

Corner of the Mooniverse Launches Sept. 14
CONNER OF THE MOONIVERSE - Hosted by OverHillandDale

The show will air on Monday’s @ 12:00pm (noon) to 1:45 or 2:00 Eastern Standard Time, depending on album playing time. A repeat of the show will be played Friday evening from 9:00 – 11:00pm E.S.T. The Maiden Voyage in the Mooniverse will take place on Monday, September 14 (in deference to Labor Day the week prior). The focus of this show will be playing one “Concept” album in it’s entity, which is then followed by a play list submitted by a Aural Moon member (someone registered on our website).

1 “Corner of the Mooniverse” will be a show that is founded upon the requests of the members. I will solicit play lists from members to submit to me and I will engineer and D.J. the shows.
2 This show will focus on allowing listeners to show off a broader sense of their musical taste in a one hour format. Provide a slot for a “concept” album to either represent the listener’s choices, along with his singles, OR a random choice from the collection of such albums on the Moon. Choice of the album will be up to me in accordance with an approved list to be created by management.
3 I would like this show to reflect the broad tastes of the members. Each of us has our own favorites, and typically not just one. I would like the shows to NOT focus on just one artist per show, but on a variety of artists each show.
4 Provide a slot for my personal choices in a one hour format should other listener’s not have any pending lists or because I just want to. :rawk:
5 As the Aural Moon is relatively neutral on the internet scene (think the Switzerland of Internet Radio) I would also like the show to NOT engage in any sort of poignant focus on current issues or philosophies on which to spread a personal message, whatever that may be.
6 I would like to encourage and accept text that outlines your reason for choosing the particular songs or history about the band, or anecdotes pertaining to the artist or music, etc. I will, however, be the editor of said material and will edit the text to best represent the integrity of Aural Moon and the music of the artists.

How to Submit:
What I would like you to do is send a Personal Message (PM) using our internal messaging system on the left hand of the web page. Only registered members of Aural Moon will be allowed to submit request lists. Please put the word “Mooniverse” in the Subject Line of the PM. In this PM please list the Artist, Album, Track # and Track Title you would like to hear. If you know that it is not in the Moon Library, please notate that in your list. If you have a list file you’ve already prepared in another software (Word, Excel, etc.) you can attach that file to the PM.
8 To Send in a request for a “concept album” include that in the same PM as the play list. If you don’t want a group of requests, but just suggest a concept album, you may send a separate PM with the subject line “Mooniverse Concept Album.”
9 Until I can receive a large number of request lists, I will probably just showcase one member per month until the desire to participate grows and I can produce several shows in advance. So, get you lists in.
10 I encourage your participation. Without you, the nature of the show would greatly change.

I very much look forward to performing for you. And I look forward to your responses to the show to help it grow and succeed. Thank you.

OverHillandDale 08-07-2009 09:39 AM

Re: Corner of the Mooniverse Launches Sept. 14
Let's get in those playlists. And help fill out the list for concept albums (even the blatently obvious that has not already appeared on the postings.).

Thanks folks. See you on the radio Sept 14.

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