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OverHillandDale 11-22-2010 09:52 AM

Show #59 - IQ - Subterrenea The Concert
Greetings mooniverse.

For this weeks show, we will look at reasons to be grateful this week in consideration of the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving on Thursday.

Our Feature album will be Subterrenea - The Concert by IQ. It was recorded in 1999/2000 and release in 2000. The original album was released in 1997. This concert was a very special event and there is also a DVD of this show available. Check it out.

I promise a link to a great article about the album and the concert. It comes from the DPRP - Dutch Progressive Rock Page.
** NOTE - the parens sometimes don't translate well in the link. **

I'll round out the program with a couple of holiday themed selections from Weather Report, Shadowland, and Mike Keneally.

Come join me.


OverHillandDale 11-26-2010 07:55 AM

Re: Show #59 - IQ - Subterrenea The Concert
With the Holidays this week, I know I missed a lot of you on Monday. This evening's replay is a excellent show so I hope you will listen in.

See you on the Radio.

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